Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blame it on the rain

  Z is on Spring break this week and it has rained EVERY day.  They have been going nuts in the house.  We have gone to the movies and the library several times.  Coloring, crafts, and TV are really getting old.  They were longingly eying the backyard today during another monsoon, so I said to go outside and play.  What?!?  In the rain?  But, we would get wet and possibly muddy.  I convinced them it was OK and they stripped down to underpants and went outside.  Neither wanted to leave the dryness of the back porch though.  Finally their toy watering cans and a mud puddle convinced them.  I can't believe that I have children that need convincing to go out and play in a little rain.  Strangest kids ever!  They ended up having a great time and now I need to clean up the muddy grassy trail leading to the bathtub.