Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I realize I haven't written anything in more than a week, but my life is just SO exciting!  So for today I will just write about our random goings-ons.

  • Hubby is out  of town on business for a few days so of course Z came down with a fever today.  It is sort of a running joke that whenever he is out of town one of the kids or me or all three of us get sick.  So far he isn't too ill, just the fever.  It was kind of high though 102 degrees even after taking a few bites of his cold cereal.  He was kinda cute, I told him that he couldn't go to school today and he started crying and said "All the kids will say I am ABSENT!!!"  I guess he thought absent was some sort of insult, so I explained what it actually meant and told  him yes he would be absent.  He was upset but quickly calmed down after letting him know he would have to rest and watch cartoons.

  • My father taught the kids to say "Heya baby!" and little S thinks it is the funniest thing ever!  And it is!  He really cracks us up, he says it in this weird little voice and I just die.  So hilarious.  S is such a character and already has quite the developed sense of humor.  I just know he is going to be the class clown once he starts school.

  • I am going to Washington DC!  My husband heard that Jon Stewart is throwing a "Rally for Sanity" and we both thought it sounded like fun, but had no real intention of going.  A couple hours later we got an email from a good friend of ours saying "lets do it!"  I was a little apprehensive because it is on Halloween weekend and I didn't want to miss out on my fav holiday with the kids.  Especially since I am making them the coolest costumes ever.  But, my mom said she would watch them.  Oh so tempting.  I finally decided to go and come home Halloween afternoon so I can still go trick-or-treating.  Yay! I am SO excited.  Hopefully we can pack a lot of sightseeing into the 2 full days we will be there.  I went when I was about 14 and saw almost everything, but I would like to spend some more times in the museums. (Oh man, that is so almost 20 years ago sheesh.)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hooray Daddy is home!

My husband has to travel out of town for business quite frequently.  This week he was only gone for (almost) 3 days.  Poor guy had to leave AZ last night at 2am to make it home for the weekend.  I am really spoiled because he works from home so when he is gone it is a real culture shock.  How do single moms or military moms do it?  Seriously, I think I would be insane if I didn't have such a great partner.  I grew up in a military family and my father was gone a lot, I know how hard it was for my mother and I didn't want to go through that too.  Luckily my honey is maybe gone two times per month and it is usually only for a few days at a time.

We are having a lazy weekend and enjoying being home together.  Dinner is on the crock pot and we have 3 Netflix DVDs to catch up on.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Disney World for 3 days and nights this Labor Day.  We have season passes and just came off of our summer black-out dates.  A long weekend was the perfect time to go back!  My parents stayed with us in Orlando, but didn't go to the parks with us.  Usually I like to stay on Disney property at the Pop Century hotel, but I didn't want to pay the "rack room" rate for 3 nights(no good discounts for us on this trip).  I found a good deal on a hotel (Comfort Inn) and lets just say,  you get what you pay for!!  It wasn't too bad, newly remodeled rooms and great location.  It was annoying that none of the ice machines in our building were working, but oh well.  We have stayed at this place before, but it was only 1 night and we were dog-tired when we arrived and basically just went to sleep.

My sweeties sleeping

The crowd level was very low, we walked right onto every ride! I was afraid that since this was a holiday weekend that it would be insanely crowded, but we have never seen it so un-crowded. This trip was a little different from our previous trips because my kids are becoming such big boys!!  S is finally 40 inches tall so we got to go on a couple big kid rides.  On Saturday we spent the morning at Magic Kingdom. Whenever we go to Magic Kingdom, we have to do the Buzz Lightyear Ride and the Tomorrow Land Speedway.   We headed over to Splash Mountain next.  I am scared of this ride, but Hubby loves it and he thought that Z would to.  So, they rode it and S and I waited in the short line to see Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.  He was so excited the whole time we were waiting in line, but when it was our turn the kid lost his mind!  He  ran off screaming and crying.  So, I totally looked like that mom who forces her kids to go see characters for the cute pictures even though the kid is terrified of the characters.  So, I tried to chase after him while wrestling with our big double sit-and-stand stroller.  He did this one other time with Mickey and Minnie (he HAD to see them) after waiting in line for almost an hour.  Z and Daddy had to leave to go potty, so I think he loses his nerve without big brother with him.  Z and Hubby finished the ride, a new favorite!  He loved it and wanted to go again, but we had lunch reservations at Epcot.
A horribly far away pic of Z and Daddy (see the red hair?)
Coming down the mountain!  (I really wish I had my zoom lens on!)

I wanted to embrace our German heritage (me by marriage!) and made our lunch reservations at the Biergarten in the Germany Pavilion.  This was definitely one of our favorite Disney experiences ever!!  Sausage and beer!  Plus polka music!  We shared a table with a fun Dad and his 3 sons.  They were great dining companions, good conversation and the boys all entertained each other.  As soon as we sat down we (the 3 adults) each ordered a liter of beer.  I love me some beer, but was a little worried that this would be too much for me to drink, the guys talked me into it though.  The we hit the buffet.  I had never had German food before, but am pretty adventurous.  They had a bunch of sausage, sauerkraut, meatballs, hot potato salad, chicken schnitzel (kids loved it), and the desserts.  (omg the desserts!!)I really wanted to eat more than I did, but the liter of beer really filled me up.  The polka band was awesome, so much fun.  The kids and I got up and danced, they love to boogie.
Awesomely long horns

Oh lordy a liter of beer!

Z diggin the music
After lunch we sloshed around the World Showcase.  It was so effin hot!  Seriously like walking on the sun.  We decided to go back to our hotel and go swimming.
S passed out in the stroller (never happens)

The boys in front of the big ball
Sunday we went to Disney Hollywood Studios.  Toy Story Mania and Star Tours, plus a few of the shows that we hadn't seen before.  Z was soooo excited to go on the Star Wars ride!  We had never gone on it before because S wasn't tall enough.  They are closing it down for some refurbishment, so I am glad we got to ride it.  No line so we rode twice.  (no pics because I didn't feel like lugging around camera bag)

Monday we went back to Magic Kingdom and all the rides were walk on, no lines!  This time we all rode Splash Mountain together.  Z said this was his favorite part of our whole trip.  Poor S had to pee so bad, he was a little miserable.  It didn't help that we got soaked.  I really wish he had told us before we got on the ride!  Luckily he made it without having an accident.  We headed home after riding a ton of rides.  I totally recommend coming on Labor Day Weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The morning blues.

Since the second week of school Z has been having some separation anxiety when I drop him off in the mornings.  Last year in Pre-K he never cried.  He is usually a pretty outgoing kid.  Now every morning is just terrible with the drama!  It breaks my heart.  His teacher likes the kids to wait outside the classroom sitting against the wall while waiting for school to start.  She leaves a big bin of books for the students to read while they are waiting.  As soon as we show up the tears start.  "Mommy I will miss you too much!"  I made the mistake of telling him that he will forget all about me once class starts and he is having fun with the other students.  "No I won't!!!!  I don't want to forget about you, I don't even have a picture so I know what you look like!!"  Oh boy.  I managed to hold it together myself until I got to the car, hate seeing him sad.   So, the next day I put a family picture in his backpack and told him he can look at it if he is sad or lonely.  It doesn't seem to be helping.

Today I had to bring S in with me for drop off because hubby is out of town.  I asked Z if he wanted me to walk him in or just drop him off at the door (like most of the other parents do).  Of course he wanted me to walk him (and that is fine with me!).  Z started crying when we showed up at his classroom.  Then S started crying. " I we love Z!  I miss him!"  We were a little bit of a spectacle.  I REALLY hate leaving him there when he is so upset.  His teacher says he is fine once I leave, but that doesn't make leaving much easier.

Hopefully he outgrows this soon and learns to look forward to school.  Any tips or tricks for helping this happen sooner rather than later?

Thursday, September 2, 2010