Thursday, September 9, 2010

The morning blues.

Since the second week of school Z has been having some separation anxiety when I drop him off in the mornings.  Last year in Pre-K he never cried.  He is usually a pretty outgoing kid.  Now every morning is just terrible with the drama!  It breaks my heart.  His teacher likes the kids to wait outside the classroom sitting against the wall while waiting for school to start.  She leaves a big bin of books for the students to read while they are waiting.  As soon as we show up the tears start.  "Mommy I will miss you too much!"  I made the mistake of telling him that he will forget all about me once class starts and he is having fun with the other students.  "No I won't!!!!  I don't want to forget about you, I don't even have a picture so I know what you look like!!"  Oh boy.  I managed to hold it together myself until I got to the car, hate seeing him sad.   So, the next day I put a family picture in his backpack and told him he can look at it if he is sad or lonely.  It doesn't seem to be helping.

Today I had to bring S in with me for drop off because hubby is out of town.  I asked Z if he wanted me to walk him in or just drop him off at the door (like most of the other parents do).  Of course he wanted me to walk him (and that is fine with me!).  Z started crying when we showed up at his classroom.  Then S started crying. " I we love Z!  I miss him!"  We were a little bit of a spectacle.  I REALLY hate leaving him there when he is so upset.  His teacher says he is fine once I leave, but that doesn't make leaving much easier.

Hopefully he outgrows this soon and learns to look forward to school.  Any tips or tricks for helping this happen sooner rather than later?

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