Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Library

So, we went to the library today.  Just my 3-year-old and I.  He totally loves going to the library and reading all the Curious George books and doing puzzles.  In an attempt to "socialize" him we also do the Toddler Time.  This consists of the children's librarian reading a few books, singing a few songs, and usually some sort of felt board activity.  My son doesn't like Toddler Time.  He used to cry and pitch a fit, now he will at least sit quietly and kind of listen to the story.  The thing I noticed today was that none of the kids seemed to like it.  None of them were really  paying attention, some were crying, most were crawling all around.  It struck me as funny that all the moms were trying to get our kids to like being there, but the kids just weren't into it.  Maybe it was the stories that were read, they were a little long for a toddlers attention span.  The songs were all a little awkward too since nobody knew the words.  I guess it is a good thing that we are making this effort, and hopefully the kids are learning a little something.  Plus, the sitting (mostly) still and listening does get them ready for school.  I am glad that my kids love books and love going to the library.

P.S.  I know I live in the bible belt, but is too much to ask that we not have books about praying read in a public library??  The theme today was love and in one of the books a mother tells her child that she prays for him because she loves him.  So, basically if you are a non-thiest and don't pray for your child then you don't love them? It wasn't really a big deal, just sort of annoying. 

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