Monday, August 30, 2010

Red head

Today when I walked Z into school I brought 2 of his 3 bags of supplies.  I waited for his teacher to show up so that I could give them to her in person so that she knew we did actually bring the stuff.  (it is crazy how much stuff we have to bring!)  She told me how much fun she was having with Z and how CUTE he is and how she just wants to squeeze him because he is so cute!  And I said, "I KNOW!"  Because obviously he is.  I then remembered to say thanks.  Now, I know that everyone thinks that their kids are the cutest, best looking, smartest kids EVER.  Z really IS cute though.  He has the brightest, prettiest red hair and an adorable freckled face.  His whole life every time we go anywhere we get stopped by random strangers to tell us how cute he is and how beautiful his hair is.  I am totally not trying to sound braggy, but this happens all the time.  At first we really just thought it was because he is a baby and everyone loves babies and thinks that they are cute.  Then he got older.  Then we had S and people would almost never say anything about the new baby and fawn all over Z.  (that used to piss me off actually, S is super cute too!)  People just seem to love red hair.  I hope that when he is older it won't embarrass him or get him teased. 

Cute even when cranky

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  1. This happens to us all the time too. His sister, however, does get a ton of notice now too, but because of the red hair, everyone ALWAYS says, "And what a handsome big brother you have...such beautiful hair..." He even tells me now, "I know, I hair is beautiful..." Good lord...


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